• How to Wear Direct Aligner
  • How to Remove Direct Aligner

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Management and Precautions
  • Do not eat while
    wearing the aligner
  • Do not give your aligner
    to others
  • Wear at least
    20 hours a day
  • Do not expose the aligner
    to hot surfaces
  • Do not apply sharp objects
    to the aligner
  • Wash the aligner &
    maintain good oral hygiene
Direct Aligner Product
  • Treatment options
    Treatment Aligner Step
    Actual duration of treatment
    Treatment Warranty Period
    Additional Extension Orthodontics Aligner
    Scope of treatment
  • DA Lite Ⅰ
    Less than 8 steps
    2~3 month
    6 month
    Minor Orthodontic Treatment
  • DA Lite Ⅱ
    Less than 16 steps
    4~6 month
    1 Year
    Standard Orthodontic Treatment
  • DA Standard
    Less than 30 steps
    7~10 month
    2 Year
    Offers up to 15 steps
    Standard Orthodontic Treatment
  • DA Advanced
    No restrictions
    5 Year
    5 Year
    No restrictions within the treatment guarantee
    Extraction case, Complex Orthodontic Treatment
Direct Aligner, who needs it?
  • Crowding
    Malaligned teeth
  • Spacing
    Dentition with space between the teeth
  • Deep Bite
    A dentition in which the upper teeth covers too much of the lower teeth
  • Cross Bite
    Cases in which the lower teeth protrude forward more than the upper teeth
  • Open bite
    A dentition in which the upper and lower teeth do not contact when the mouth in closed
  • Asymmetric Dentition
    The upper and lower dentition are not symmetrical
  • Difficulty in chewing food
    Cases that require space to restore missing teeth (Implant etc…)
    Case with abnormalities in the appearance of the face
    Case where the deciduous teeth were lost too early
    Cases where permanent teeth are congenitally missing or have excess teeth

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